Diary Dates




Private lessons

Lessons are normally 15 minutes (£10.50) or 30 minutes (£21.00) long. Ice rink entry fee and skate hire is not included in this price and must be paid directly to the rink.

Up to 2 pupils may be taken at a time sharing the cost of the lesson. 

Pupil's MUST give 24 Hours notice of cancellation or the full fee will be charged for the lesson time booked.


Beginner lessons follow the "SKATE UK Basics Skills Programme" and are conducted during Public Sessions. Click here for times

Advanced Skaters

I coach both Free Skating and Ice Dance and Choreograph pupils' programmes for their NISA Advanced tests and competitions.

Advanced lessons are normally undertaken during the "Patch Ice" sessions that are dedicated training times for higher level skaters. Click here for times

NISA Syllabus:

Beginners follow the "SKATE UK Basics Skills Programme" which has 8 levels.

Once level 8 has been fully completed the skater progresses onto Free Skating and Ice Dance in the "SKATE STAR programme" which has 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Before specialising, skaters are encouraged to achieve Gold standard in both the ice dance and free skating disciplines.

The younger skater (under 5's) may find the SKATE TOTS Programme more suitable before they progress to the SKATE UK Basics Skills Programme.

The record of achievement booklets can be purchased from reception at the ice rink and is compulsory for each skating programme.

Detailed information on these programmes can be found on the National Governing Body Website

Payment Method

Payment for lessons is made directly to myself and can be made in cash, cheque or in advance by BACs.

Group Lessons

Learn to Skate Courses are provided and booked directly with the rink. click for details